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Project: Yearbook 2013

Agency For Integrated Care Yearbook 2013 Design

Intro and Challenges

Supporting social services and facilitating healthcare is a complex function. How do we distill a year’s worth of achievements in eldercare facilitation into a single publication that speaks to individuals from all parts of society? The answer is in understanding that visuals, symbols and colours must be, above all, authentic and human.

It is said that one of the markers of a developed and compassionate country is the way the elderly are treated. The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) is Singapore’s answer to the challenges of ageing, recognising that ageing is a process that involves the whole community, families, public health and individuals themselves. As an agency that coordinates and facilitates efforts in care integration, the AIC fosters a vibrant care community, enabling people to live well and age gracefully.

The 2013 Yearbook was to be produced in print and digital versions, to showcase to stakeholders the year’s achievements and efforts in accordance with AIC’s broader mission. We were invited to be a part of the team to produce this milestone document. We have been privileged to be a partner of AIC since 2012, and we had already worked successfully together to create collaterals on past projects; this had given our team a deep knowledge of AIC’s business operations, brand ethos and organisational culture. Our task was now to consolidate our understanding of AIC and apply it to the concept development, art direction, illustration, photography and production of the Yearbook in print and digital formats.


At Lively Green, we always place emphasis on the human being reading the message. In this case, the audience of the Yearbook would be grassroots leaders, healthcare service providers and members of the public. We had to perform a balancing act: to express AIC’s brand, operations and efforts, while also being relatable to every individual who reads the Yearbook. AIC’s ‘Coming Together’ concept focused on “integrating health and social care”, with more “holistic and person-centred care and services,” looking towards a future where individuals have easy access to “inter-connected” social and healthcare options. This emphasis on humanity and social integration needed to come through in the visuals.

To this effect, we proposed an illustration style that immediately immerses the reader in AIC’s mission. The colours, graphics and photographs were warm and welcoming, and we used iconic imagery and symbolism that would have greater impact. Illustrations throughout the yearbook presented AIC’s facilitation efforts visually, to help stakeholders understand the suite of services from nursing care and home-intervention programmes to caregiving training and senior care support.

Agency For Integrated Care Yearbook 2013 Design


With efficient project management and great communication with the client, the result was timely, of high quality, and rewarding for all involved.

One of the greatest feelings of achievement for our team is when we are part of an effort where we can create authentic visual expressions that reflect genuine value to society.

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